Teeb TV Page Views Is Reaching 5 mil

Teeb TV’s page views (PV) has reported a two-figure growth from April 2018. The P is reaching 4.99 million viewership as at 31 May 2018.

“It is inline with our target milestone to hit 5 mil PV by end of Q2 2018. I think it is a matter of time for us to fully monetise the channel and share the profit with our independent filmmakers,” said Azuan Muda, the co-founder of Teeb TV.

Azuan Muda, the co-founder of Teeb TV.

At present, the total number of unique user is reaching 2 mil.

Asked about the future of online tv channel amid the current trending on Netflix and OTT platform in the Asia region, Teeb TV confident that it complements the existing ecosystem.

“Teeb TV work closely with the independent film communities around the region, especially in Indonesia, to expose them to reach a wider audience. You might be surprised that our main viewers are from the United States,” said Azuan Muda.

According to Teeb TV, Americans and Germans are among the top viewers at 38% and 33% respectively, whilst Indonesians are number 6 spot.

Teeb TV is an online digital TV channel promoting independent films and tv series especially from Indonesia. Dubbed as the “Netflix of Independent” communities, the channel is available at www.teebtv.com, watchable anywhere in the world on any platform for FREE.

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