Manara – Darae Duangjai (Muslim Star OST Official) ft. Khushi

Manara – ดาแลดวงใจ Darae Duangjai (Muslim Star OST Official) ft. Khushi Manara ft. Khushi – ดาแลดวงใจ “Darae Duangjai” (Ost.Muslim Star) ซับไตเติ้ล กดตรงปุ่ม คำบรรยาย (c) ได้เลย!!! Follow Manara! (FB,IG,Twitter,YT) Facebook: Instagram:… Twitter : YouTube:… Official music video by Manara ft. Khushi performing “Darae Duangjai” (C) 2018 ME Entertainment.

KLEFF – Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage)

Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage) reveals the human face of logging in Papua New Guinea. It is a tale of exploitation and broken promises, where local people are treated as second-rate citizens in their own country by Malaysian logging companies and corrupt politicians. Customary landowners are forced into signing documents they don’t understand, for the promise […]

KLEFF – E-Wasteland

Have you ever wondered what happens to your electronics at the end of their life? Almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide every year. A large volume of second-hand and condemned electronic goods arrive in developing countries from the “developed” world, with a significant quantity arriving as e-waste, exported illegally as […]

Diari Malique

Malique yang terperangkap di dalam satu tempat misteri atas sebab sejarah hidupnya yang dulu.