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Taylor Swift – 58th GRAMMYs

Wanda’s massive Legendary transaction allows it to vertically integrate content production with its exhibition business. Its announced acquisition of Carmike Cinemas in March for $1.1 billion added more theatres to its current count, which already includes other global exhibitors. This news came days after Wanda announced plans for a $3.3 billion theme park outside Paris. […]

MTV Video Music Awards 2014

The rest of 2016 should continue to see plenty of activity across the media and entertainment space as companies brace for the future of mobile and digital consumption trends. Consolidation of content and the need for diversification in the digital environment will fuel interest from traditional players like telcos and major studios. Investment from China […]

Masih Ku Simpan Rasa by Orie Band

Cerita tentang sepasang kekasih,dan si cowok pergi jauh yang membuat hubungan mereka harus terpisah karna jarak dan waktu dengan waktu yang lama mereka tidak berjumpa,namun mereka berdua hanya bisa pasrah. (Visited 17 times, 1 visits today)