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Bamboo straws anybody..?

The Hive, in Bangsar, specialises in selling environmentally friendly products. Ranging from toiletries to cosmetics, the Hive might be one of the highly regarded store for environmental conscious consumers.

Ziyaad’s favorite dish in Sydney, Australia

Ziyaad loves butter chicken of Mumbai Express in Sydney, Australia. It is a must have dish for Ziyaad when he travels to Sydney.

How to Cook Penang Mee Mamak

Penang Mee Mamak typically uses thin egg noodles (not too dissimilar to Maggi Mee ie. instant noodles) whereas I’m more familiar with the version that uses thick hokkien noodles. This demonstration by Chef Siva of Hotel Jen, Penang, also uses a sauce that serves a dual purpose as the sauce base for Sambal Sotong ie. […]