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Inequality will grow if rural folk can’t get online

A Sarawak assistant minister has urged Putrajaya to concentrate its efforts on developing internet infrastructure in rural areas, warning that inequality of access will widen rural-urban disparities.

Relationship Problems in Lockdown

Relationship problems in lockdown: 4 experts share their advice If the global pandemic has impacted your love life, you’re not alone. Choosing a partner and staying together through life’s ups and downs is rarely simple.When you throw a global pandemic into the equation, your love life can get even trickier.With lockdown being mandatory in countries […]

10 Films Dealing with Mental Health That You Should Watch

Movies can stigmatize or distort mental health concerns making characters with an issue. The mental health patients feel ostracized due to the mispresentations. In this list you’ll find movies that discuss a range of health concerns from high-functioning schizophrenia to the simple struggle but the way they are handled is careful, respectful, and entirely relatable.

10 Things to Boost Your Mental Health

As suggested by Happiful Magazine, you could do these 10 things to boost your mental health, including get enough sleep and eat balanced diet.

Corbyn to return soveriegnty of Chagos to Mauritius

The British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would ‘right the wrongs of history’ by granting sovereignty of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius. In 1968, Mauritius gained its independence from Britain but the cost was the scission of the Islands of Chagos from the country. The U.S. is leasing the Islands from the UK […]

Amazon Files suit protesting Microsoft JEDI cloud contract

Amazon Web Services on Friday confirmed that it has filed a lawsuit challenging the Defense Department’s decision to award Microsoft a major contract for cloud services. The JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure ) deal , which could be worth up to $10 billion. The Pentagon announced that Microsoft had won the contract on October 25.

News Highlight: Teeb TV at ContentAsia Summit 2019 talking about creative content directions in Malaysia

Azuan Muda, co-founder of Teeb TV sits as a panel with other creative players, government and local broadcasters at ContentAsia Summit 2019, on Aug 29 in Singapore.

Viral video shows Islamophobic attacker stomped on a 38 week pregnant Muslim woman in Sydney

Viral cctv footage shows a 43-year -old Australian randomly attacked and stomped on a pregnant Muslim woman, who was hanging out with friends at Bay Vista Cafe on Church Street, Parramatta at 10.30 pm on Wednesday. The attacker was named as Stipe Lozina and police have arrested and charged him with affray and assault occasioning […]

Here’s Why You Should NOT Consider To Have Your Breakfast at Lung Ann Kopitiam, Melaka

This viral video shows one of the staff at Lung Ann Refreshment Kopitiam in Bandar Melaka prepared your bread early in the morning, on the table without any clean table cloth or cover. The footage shows the staff threw the bread on the table like nobody’s business. Lung Ann Refreshment Kopitiam is situated at No. […]

Malaysia Minister of Health Launched Teeb TV Mental Health Film Festival 2019

Malaysia Minister of Health, DS Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad launched Teeb TV’s Mental Health Film Festival on Oct 17, 2019. The festival would be a part of Ministry of Health’s national campaign #letstalkmindasihat. The festival is open for submission from Oct to Dec 31, 2019.