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‘Avengers 4: Endgame’ Biggest Loss Is Captain America’s Beard

Steve Rodgers sported a more rogue look in Avengers: Infinity War, with a full beard and longer hair. This was a long way away from his polished Captain America look from the previous MCU films. Now, it looks like Rogers is going back to the classics as his beard is no longer intact for the […]

‘Black Panther’ Star Does Wakanda Salute At Howard University

The Wakandan salute from ‘Black Panther’ is well known by now… And Chadwick Boseman did the salute at his alma meter! Boseman spoke at Howard University, to the delight of this year’s graduates at the school’s 150th convocation ceremony! Boseman has said fans seem to ask him to do the salute all the time. Marvel’s […]

‘Infinity War’ Makes Patton Oswalt’s ‘Parks And Rec’ Filibuster Possible

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ has united and destroyed so many people and places! Now Thanos can use the Infinity Stones to cross over to any universe – or franchise – he wants! Patton Oswalt’s improvised filibuster from ‘Parks and Recreation’ comes to mind… …where he connects the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Star Wars in the most […]

A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Petition Is Getting Mocked Online

There’s only one episode left in Game of Thrones. According to Uproxx, some folks aren’t happy about this poorly reviewed final season. Some fans have been signing a petition demanding HBO remake the eighth season with different writers. The petition is up to over 750,000 signatures. Many fans of the show are calling the petition […]

Alicia Vikander loved playing Lara Croft video games

[brid video=”208262″ player=”11463″ title=”alicia vikander loved playing lara croft video games”] Alicia Vikander admitted that she loved playing Lara Croft video games as part of her research for the film.