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Men are likely to struggle with mental health in lockdown

Men are at risk of poor mental health and suicide during lockdown. 38% of men have noticed a negative effect on their mental health since going into lockdown in March, according to YouGov and Jacamo Poorer middle-aged men are the group most at risk of suicide during the current Covid-19 crisis (source: 1,920 Samaritans charity […]

Relationship Problems in Lockdown

Relationship problems in lockdown: 4 experts share their advice If the global pandemic has impacted your love life, you’re not alone. Choosing a partner and staying together through life’s ups and downs is rarely simple.When you throw a global pandemic into the equation, your love life can get even trickier.With lockdown being mandatory in countries […]

THE WINNER Mental Health Film Fest 2019 Best Local – Meroyan (Postpartum depression)

“MEROYAN” tells a story of a woman, Zamrut who suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth. The film criticizes the tendency of unstable emotional state after labour by demonstrating how Zamrut struggles with her emotions after giving birth to her son. The irrational negative beliefs and feeling of hopelessness upon herself makes her feel like […]