About Us



That’s they keyword. 

We are very simple. We just want to share your fresh content as first-timer filmmakers or content creators. Normal TV networks or over-the-top (OTT) operators would not dare to put them on their platforms. BUT, at TEEB TV, by all means FOR FREE!!

Coming from the independent production background, we understand the level of difficulty for indie filmmakers to get a huge break. Working with the local indie filmmaker communities in Indonesia, we sense a greater responsibility to assist them to go to the wider market and earn some along the way. 

Of course they can use YouTube but imagine being able to access a crazy huge selection of THOUSANDS of independent web series, movies and more. YouTube is an ocean and if you are lucky, you’d be discovered. We push independent content as a Teeb TV channel to other broadcasters and OTT operators around the world. 

We also have independent content from all over the globe. And imagine your content is being watched wherever, whenever, 24/7 on the phone, laptop, tablet or TV FOR FREE!! 

You don’t have to wait or pitch to the network anymore.



Azuan Muda

He build startups in media, creative and media technology, especially in Asia, particularly in Indonesia. He has more than 15 years in investment banking and production. An observant speaker/writer, advocating storytelling, digital content strategies and marketing.

Jackie M

Jackie M is a Malaysian-born, Sydney-based former restaurateur , TV presenter, writer and live video pioneer. Her no-holds bar red approach to Asian cooking, along with her 20+ years of experience as a professional cook. She is actively sourcing and producing cooking related content in Southeast Asia.