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TeebTV Co-Founder, Azuan Muda


Azuan Muda is the co-founder and chief visionary behind Teeb TV.

He possesses more than 10 years’ experience in macro corporate and investment strategy across various industries like media, banks, telecommunications, oil and gas, fund companies, utilities and infrastructure.

Azuan’s passion is building innovative companies, strategic planning, formulating investment strategies, investment in media, digital content, branding, entertainment, commercialising and expanding growth companies.

Borne from his own experience in independent film production, Teeb TV is the culmination of Azuan’s vision for a Netflix-for-Indies that both supports independent filmmakers and showcases their content to a targeted regional audience.




Jackie M is a food celebrity who has achieved success in both traditional and new media.

She is a familiar fixture in Australia and Southeast Asia as a food presenter on terrestrial TV shows such as Everyday Gourmet, Fish and Hunt Australia, Let’s Do Coffee, Malaysia Kitchen and more.

Jackie is also a pioneer of using Live video to showcase her cooking and travel adventures, and through this platform, she has managed to build an online following of 1.9 million since 2012.

As TeebTV co-founder, Jackie’s main focus is content creation and acquisition.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) from the University of Sydney and worked as an IT consultant for many years before transitioning to food.