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Judi-Judi King Boss Official Trailer

When his girlfriend Skye hands him some money to help her open a restaurant, the ambitious Ah Boon instead uses the funds to start his own illegal gambling house, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Skye – or with the local neighborhood crime boss.

KL24: Zombies Trailer

A flu like infection has taken over KL which turns into a zombie outbreak as we follow three intersecting stories of the survivors fleeing for safety.​

Hermit: Pembunuh Raksasa (Bahasa Indonesia subtitle)

This creature feature tells the story of a an old grumpy man (the hermit) on revenge, a pack of hunters and a rugby gorilla mascot running for his life, with one thing in common: an alien being that has crashed to earth, eating anyone in its path. Now it’s up to the heroes to stop […]

GulagX Trailer

Third World War drew on the borders of the countries in the Nordic countries when a great power swallowed all the small neighbours. A desolate field pastor is commanded to pick up his wife from a remote prison camp in the north to witness an important terrorist attack. She promises freedom if she testifies, yet […]

Mata Tertutup

Film ini mengisahkan radikalisme yang berkembang di kalangan masyarakat, akibat pemikiran yang sempit, penafsiran agama yang salah, maupun masalah-masalah sosial lain yang menyertainya.