America’s Next Top Yogi

America’s Next Top Yogi is a parody sketch to raise awareness around this year’s first annual International Yoga Day, which is on June 21st. DISCLAIMER: Please do not practice any of the yoga shown in this video…it’s all a spoof 🙂

Story By: Ravi Naidu and Amy Walker
Written By: Ravi Naidu

Cast (in order of appearance): Ravi Naidu, Chip Carey, MIchael Jude Murphy, Doris Morgado, Alexia Dox, Andy Shantz, Adrian Elizando, Amy Walker, Sid Veda, Diva Kakonde

Crew: Marcus Scott, Phillip Mayall, Chris Avalos, Bryan Nam, Gerardo Lopez, Lorena Acevedo, Rosa Menendez

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